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Immersed in a profound artistic exploration, I found myself captivated by the transformative act of sketching my reflection through a mirror while in a trance-like state. The mystical convergence of numbers 22 and 7, spontaneously manifested above my sketched self, led me to a revelation upon delving into the symbolism of these angelic numbers. They beckoned me to realign with my innermost goals, prompting a profound self-reflection and the initiation of a new chapter in my creative expression.

As the ink flowed onto the paper, I turned it over with a symbolic gesture, not unlike the turning of a page in the book of life. This simple yet profound act opened up a fresh perspective, allowing me to perceive the intricacies of existence from unconventional angles. The drawing, now unveiled from the reverse, serves as a visual metaphor for delving into the depths of the past, an introspective journey that unfolds layers of meaning and grants me a profound understanding of the chapters I've lived through.

Poster 18

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